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Correctional Services Network of America LLC., a professional Service firm.


1.a. Correctional Services Network of America, LLC. is a service firm. C.S.N.A. is not a law firm.

1.b. The communications between C.S.N.A., the inmate/offender, the individual that hired C.S.N.A. known as the client, are protected by C.S.N.A.  policy but not by attorney-client privilege.

1.c. C.S.N.A. provides access to self-help services at the inmate/offender and or the clients specific direction.

1.d. C.S.N.A. and the staff of C.S.N.A. are not attorneys or associated with a specific attorney or law firm.

1.e. C.S.N.A. cannot and will not provide advice, explanation, opinion or recommendation about possible legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, selection of forms of strategies.

1.f. The services of C.S.N.A. are not a substitute for the advice from a licensed attorney.

1.g. C.S.N.A. cannot represent the inmate or individual in a court of law; in the presents of the parole board or in the presents of the executive clemency board.

1.h. C.S.N.A. cannot file any document within any entity. The inmate or client will file the document on their own.

1.i. C.S.N.A. is not a state or federal agency. C.S.N.A. is not affiliated with city, county, state, federal or private corrections. C.S.N.A. or the staff of C.S.N.A. cannot and does not guarantee the “final disposition” of the services it has been hired to provide. [in other words, C.S.N.A. does not guarantee the outcome of the services provided]. The “final disposition” and or “final decision” is rendered by a third party “i.e. Judge, governor, correctional official, parole board or designee. Therefore, C.S.N.A. makes no promises as to the final disposition, decision and or outcome of the services C.S.N.A. has been hired to provided.

1.j. C.S.N.A. will maintain contact with the incarcerated individual and the client only.

1.a. The method of contact will be through correspondence and by phone contact will only be maintained in institutions that will allow phone access between C.S.N.A. and the inmate.

1.b. C.S.N.A. services are provided through the telephone, fax, email and mail. C.S.N.A. may utilize a minimum review period of one hundred and twenty days in order to review case materials provided, prior to any draft pf self-help pro se document preparation at the specific direction of inmates or client.

1.c. C.S.N.A.is not liable or responsible for any deadline.

1.d. in general, C.S.N.A. will complete services within a one hundred and eighty-day period. However, due to unforeseen delays, C.S.N.A. may extend the time period as deemed necessary, at C.S.N.A. sole discretion.

1.e. once C.S.N.A. has received a deposit or began services, retained and or hired to preform services, and begins to provide services within any manner, there will be no refund issued full or partial if (client) and or the inmate later choose to cancel verbally or in writing, the services with C.S.N.A. and or id (client) fails to fulfill the obligations set forth within the C.S.N.A. services agreement.

1.f. the client and or the inmate is responsible for providing C.S.N.A. with all information that is to be incorporated within the self-help pro se petition preparation services at the inmate or client specific direction with regards to discovery, transcripts, records and or documents pertaining to the case.

Correctional Services Network of America is a service firm, we are NOT a Law Firm. We are NOT attorneys. We do NOT provide legal advice and our services are not a substitute for the advice from a licensed attorney. We cannot represent and inmate in a court of law; in front of the Parole board or in front of the Executive Clemency board. Our offers are void where Prohibited by Law and Constitution Facility Rules. We are not a state or federal agency. We are not affiliated with state, federal or private corrections.